Oriental Medicine

Oriental Medicine originated in China and has been practiced for thousands of years. This ancient medicine has evolved as it was handed down from generation to generation by learned masters. The practice of Acupuncture and prescribing herbal remedies comprise the major portion of Oriental Medicine, along with moxibustion, tai chi, qi gong, massage, diet and exercise.

The philosophy of Oriental Medicine dictates that every individual must be treated based upon their own condition, symptoms and physical constitution. Every patient is evaluated as a whole, with treatment based upon a thorough examination of symptoms, medical history, blood pulse and physical examination, as well as concerns of emotional and mental origin. Acupuncture and herbal medicine are safe, natural and effective at treating most health conditions.

Herbal and Nutritional Medicine

Chinese herbal formulas and nutritional supplements are prescribed to treat many heath conditions. Chinese herbs have been used for thousands of years. These herbs have been researched and are highly regarded for their healing qualities. The individual herbs are combined into herbal formulas and used to create balance in the body and treat illness.

Nutritional supplements and vitamins are also prescribed to supplement deficiencies and increase vitality. These natural supplements are safe and effective alternatives to prescription drugs. The products we sell are all research based and made of the highest quality of pure and potent ingredients.

Functional Medicine

Functional medicine combines the philosophy of Oriental Medicine, the physiology and bio chemistry of Western Medicine and scientific based research. When evaluating a patient from a functional medical perspective, the person is evaluated as a whole and the underlying root cause of disease is considered and treated, not just the symptoms.  Western medical blood, urine, stool and saliva testing are utilized and evaluated to diagnose the nature of disease. The person is then treated with scientific based nutritional and herbal supplements, lifestyle counseling and acupuncture.